Entrance Examination Schedule

Updated April 21, 2021
** Make sure to confirm the latest details in the Entrance Examination brochure
** Details of the Entrance Examination can be downloaded from the link below. Note, these details are planned to be made public from mid-April 2021
Overview of Entrance Examination details (for general students)

Future Entrance Examination schedule can be viewed below.

Schedule of Entrance Examination dates.

Orientation Dates

On this day, full-time faculty who have developed the Project Practice will explain the mission statement of the Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, the features of our curriculum, the research content and schedule of the Project Practice, and the entrance examination, among others. There will ample time for questions and individual consultations, so please do not hesitate to approach us.
We look forward to meeting you then.

Individual explanation and consultation will be provided as needed.
Please ask questions directly to faculty members.
Examination Orientation for academic year 2018 can be viewed below.

* There may be changes on the day.
* Details on participating faculty will be updated as decided.

Orientation Dates