Entrance Examination Information

Message from the Dean for Those Thinking of Applying

As Ritsumeikan University approaches the 21st century, we have created a research school that goes beyond traditional disciplines, forging a new path in the field of humanities and sciences. Publicness, Life, Socio-Cultural Symbiosis, and Representation – although students apply based on these four theme areas, the foundation is only one: core ethics.

With the advance of science and technology, and as life and communication becomes more convenient, there are negative side effects that we cannot see. In other words, the more we grow the more invisible the creases become.

“Publicness” is something you think will appear anywhere but actually doesn’t. “Life” seems to be valued, but in the end it becomes an operational alibi. “Socio-cultural symbiosis” is an empty slogan that is pushed forth but has no content. “Representation” is like a menace that stifles human existence. I believe that, rather than proposing ideals, academia should be concealed near the ideal, putting the scalpel to various fundamental issues. I’m not sure whether this thinking is 21st century or not. No doubt the answer will not be seen until the end of this century.

At the School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, there is a diverse study body of over 150 students. Everyone confronts issues based on their experiences, whether they are faculty, working adults, or young graduates. In that way, we can see the core. From the next academic year, I hope we can work together to confront the problems from the 20th century as well as those born in this century.